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Training & Skill Development

Our training and Certifications guarantee placement in the TOP IT companies

Data Management industry is suffering from the lack of experts and the ever evolving changing scenario of the data management is making it difficult for professionals to keep themselves updated.
Wizard focuses on imparting value driven and result oriented training and skill development solutions to working and non-working professionals alike.

Develop new skill sets and boost your employability

Wizard helps graduates and professionals in learning programming and development as well use of various data management tools to enhance their employability quotient.
Our trainers are the best in the industry and if you have Java or .NET skills, we can get you upto speed and placed based on your performance in the top IT companies of the World. Placement is assured for top performers and people with the right attitude!

Wizard Professional Certification

Our professional certification helps working and non-working professionals in upgrading their skill sets as per the ever-evolving nature of the technology arena. Our different course takes you through the level of associate, practitioner, master to fellow wherein each level denotes a higher level of understanding of the different niche and technology used in today’s data management services.

Your Pathway to Heightened Excellence

Rather than simply providing textbook based knowledge our data management guides and tutors or professionals helps in offering the hands-on and live training. Live training gets learners acquitted with the difficulties, shortcoming and problems faced by the professionals at real data base work. This approach prepares the learner to provide quick resolution to the problems by gradual development of skill and confidence.
Wizard also offers offline skills developments wherein learners work on the simulation data with varied complexities to master their skill and perfect their art of identifying and resolving critical data errors in the shortest span of time.
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